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  1. This option is available for Donations Only.
  2. The bank account identified here is a separate bank account used for donations to the Heritage Fund in accordance with Australian taxation laws.
  3. Any money paid into this bank account will be treated as a Donation.

The process of making a Donation and paying by Funds Transfer has 3 steps:

  1. Tell us your contact details and the amount you wish to pay.
  2. Note the amount to be paid.
  3. Make your payment for the amount of your donation.

Step 1: Please tell us your contact details by completing this form

Pay by Funds Transfer Donation Form

Step 2: Please Note the Amount Owing

Please take a note of the amount owing as shown on the completed form.

Step 3: Please Make Your Payment for the Amount Owing

Please make your deposit into the Society’s Special Productions Fund bank account for the amount noted in Step 2 using this bank account:

Bank Name: Bendigo Bank
Account Name: FOCIS Heritage Fund
BSB Number: 633000
Account Number: 194213880

Please make sure you enter the BSB Number and Account Number correctly because the banks rely on those numbers when processing the funds transfer.  The Account Name is NOT used to transfer the payment.  You should use copy-and-paste to enter those numbers in order to avoid transcription errors.


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